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13 February 2009 @ 07:38 pm
Power Outage = .....NEW COMPUTER!  
Because of IRL events, I'm not as SUICIDALLY DEPRESSED about my old ones kapooting on me [particularly because if its as like, EVERYONE has suggested, a power source problem... it should be easily and cheaply fixed... which will thusly lead to me GETTING A COMPUTER IN MY DAMNED ROOM. Ahh, the wootness of it.], but now that I'm sitting in front of it with NADA of my links, I'm feeling a bit wibbly.

Still, this computer is NOM. Absolute NOM. And yes. Thats a good thing, btw.

If anyone wants to be so kind as to flood me with links I need, that'd be amazing though. I think I've got most of the really important ones glued to the back of my head somewhere though... *sends Trauma to go fetch them*

...........oh god... I just remembered... all... of those icons I was working on... @ A @; *glares at new computer... because dearest deities she'll never KICK it* And no PSP9 on it, either... Though...

; ¬ ; Finally... gorgeous, beloved, Word 2007... Oh, how I could lick you... Mmmmm....

EDIT: OH YEAH. Monday was hell. Exhaustive, depressing, shit-raining-from-heaven, H.E.L.L. But thanks to everyone who's called me and left me messages and been uber-supportive, its really meant A LOT. Not having my computer on top of that just made it more stinky, but I rediscovered the awesome that is Persona 4, so. Alls well that ends well? Er, well, maybe not well, but... whatever. Again, thanks everyone, and I'm holding up alright. :3
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BGM: Nothing... still have to download Winamp... >/