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08 February 2009 @ 04:05 pm
Been putting this off for........ RPing.... ^ ^;  
HEH. So sad. But so true. I've been meaning to update with random little... well, updates, but have been so caught up in RPing and happily drowning in every minute of it. Two very different main subjects here... and one is potentially riddled with spoilers for those not cool enough to be in the Gundam 00 swing of things. >D

EDIT Oh, and dudie, in case for some reason you're not around today with Adam moving in and all, the thing that I talked to about for watching the kids on Monday, got postponed, again, to Tuesday at 3, so mayhaps you get more hours and more monies on Tuesday? :3 (Been working on this all day, got side-tracked like hell, so this is actually being posted like, a bajillion hours later than originally intended.)

So, RL bsns. Dad hasn't been home for a week. Well, okay, he has. I don't think he's gotten a whole lot better... He and my mom recently went to the doctor and she was mentioning how he'd lost about 30-some pounds, and was still puking and all this stuff... And I know he was completely drained and exhausted a lot... I cannot fully describe to you how sad it makes me just to look at his hands... they're so dried and cracked and gnarled, and he's not even fifty yet. It kills me, because they seriously look like they just have to be in constant pain...

So he's been staying in a hotel in Grand Blanc I believe. Getting away from this house is probably the best medicine, really, but I of course am paranoia, over-thinking, queen and just worry like hell the whole time... And I just get worried about him. In fact, I wanna stop right here, because its only gonna get worse if I keep going...


First of all, what the HELL is that fat fuck still doing alive? WHY? Why did they not see it fit to utterly implode him? If it made no sense in the story whatsoever, I'd love for him to just SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST for no apparent reason other than to kill him.

Alright. I over exaggerate my hate for him. I really do. His ugly face annoys me, but I could really quite care less. (Except for when I think about how he could be stealing precious -and growing more precious by passing episode- screen time from far-better-and-more-important characters. :D

Anyway. On to the actual important things. Like... LYLE AND ANEW IN BED TOGETHER, FTW? I think they really wanted to throw Lyle and Feldt together, they really did, but were afraid that rabid Neil/Feldt fans from around the world would come together and scalp them if they did so. Because seriously. What better reason would they have for not? "Well, we can't do the Lyle and Feldt scene in bed, so... Innovator chix?" Really though, the scene wasn't bad. I try taking things into account like... Alright, apparently there was a four month passing, and yeah, they're in bed, they're clothed, they're hugging, kissing, talking about family stuff, she gets pinged in the middle of their kiss or something and he doesn't find it in the least bit weird that her eyes are all glowing...

*ahem* Sure, it was cute. I particularly liked a small scene where she was floating away and he said her name, and she turned around to face him, and he just said it was nothing. Don't know why, but I did.

But after the episode I sat here, and I really debated whether I liked it or not, and... within a minute I decided I hated it with every fiber of my being. Okay, over exaggeration. But their lack of character development/character interaction/character development through character interaction/character interaction through character development just keels. I was sitting there thinking, you know... they could have even brought up little things like... Maybe how Lyle was thankful for Anew not being someone who was close to, or directly knew his brother and thus had all of these emotional ties to "Lockon" and all of that... So she was kind of his escape... And that wouldn't even be a big thing at all. Just one. Little. Point. One little thing that could be added to make it all the more endearing, to me at least. ONE THING.

It was cute though. I'll give it that. I love Anew. Shes so cute and sweet and fluffy-looking. I just wanna pet her. I bet her and Revive have extremely soft hair. *_* But I digress. If they'd just give her some god, damn, CHARACTER. I'm hoping they'll give her some now that she'll be "awakening" as an Innovator soon and all of that, I really am.

But all of that aside, I enjoyed the episode. Quite a bit, actually. Bout damn time we got some "development". I was so giddy to see Hilling and Revive together~! Bah. They kill me. I find myself fangirling over them waaaaay too much lately for my own damn good. *must... write... more... ficz...* But by this point, I'm no longer interested in writing thoughts on the episode I saw at three this morning, so... RP-tiem-nao!! :D

[Though, the end was awesome. DESPITE not being able to fucking SEE IT.]


Take this, comment with your result? I'm interested in what everyone'll get for absurd little fangirl reasons. Even if you don't know, I wanna know! HAHA! I ACTUALLY fucking got Ali. I was "bahahaha"ing all over the place. >D

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BGM: Josh Groban - In Her Eyes
Kyoki Okamiki: Karenkyoki_33 on February 9th, 2009 04:06 am (UTC)
Wow... I'm so sorry about your dad... The last time I saw him he did look a bit skinnier... So he's not staying at the house right now? I guess that is best for him... but still, that is kinda sad.
hautalken on February 9th, 2009 04:20 am (UTC)
Speaking of the fat guy, I saw a fanart of him and Lindt nekkid together x_x

Lovely quiz xD

Hope you don't mind me posting here, I added you as a friend a few days back ^^;
Yume Kasai: Reviveyumekasai on February 9th, 2009 06:13 am (UTC)
Aaaahh! Hi-hi~! <3

Eeeeek. They do belong together. In a deep dark hole at the furthest reaches of space. And by deep dark hole I mean a black hole. >D

Yeah, thought it was pretty fun myself... Found it somewhere over at... danbooru I think. And definately no problem, don't mind at all. I'm a bit slow to notice such things, but thank you very much, and I added you back~! :3